Tangier – A Special Hell

“There is only one thing a writer can write about: what is in front of his senses at the moment of writing.” William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch I wish I could tell you a story. But I can’t do that here. Not in Tangier. That’s not how it works at Africa’s door. You’re in whatever Read more about Tangier – A Special Hell[…]

Las Vegas

It’s a vice town. Sin City tells you everything you need to know upon entry. Any glance at the desert outside city limits will tell you that nothing belongs here. Fake Venice, Fake Egypt, and fake tits surrounded by miles of real desolation. People drawn to anonymity among displacement. Cynicism can’t kill Las Vegas. Las Read more about Las Vegas[…]

GUEST BLOG: A Beginner’s Guide to Hostels

A Beginner’s Guide to Hostels Marc Bernard Leave any phobias you might have picked up from horror movies at the door. It’s fun to stay in hostels abroad. It’s fun sharing a room with 3, 6, and maybe up to 33 strangers. Better if you have a private room. But Hollywood perceptions ruin good things Read more about GUEST BLOG: A Beginner’s Guide to Hostels[…]


Venice – The Ghosts of New Atlantis

Venice – The Ghosts of New Atlantis It’s a crisp morning near the Northern Italy coastline, and a chilly breeze smells like barnacles as we board the back of a water bus. An overworked motor begrudgingly pushes us off its dock in Lido, interrupting muffled conversations on an otherwise quiet pontoon. A stretch of open Read more about Venice – The Ghosts of New Atlantis[…]