Airbnb – Finding Your Place

Airbnb – Finding Your Place

Samantha Thomas StallingsI love getting to a new place for the next chapter of my travel story. There is always a sense of wonder about what the destination will look like and what the next adventure will be.

Airbnb was a BIG part of our travels in Europe because it put us into local rentals with everything we needed to make it home for one night or one month. When Jim and I travel we prioritize the experiences a city offers more than how nice of a hotel we can book. Don’t get me wrong, hotels are great and there is nothing wrong with staying in them. We do as well.

However, I feel people sometimes forget they are traveling to see the city, not the hotel. Airbnb is unique because it offers a way to live like a local in less-touristy parts of town – and may even have a full kitchen and home amenities to feel more comfortable than a hotel.

One of the most quickly noticeable benefits of Airbnb is how easy it is to use. You can do everything you need on the app – from searching and reserving a place, payment, or directly messaging the host. You can even book tours or meetups with locals to learn about the culture or just to go out for drinks!Dubrovnik Airbnb

The prices on Airbnb include everything (electricity, water, wi-fi, etc.) You just come and go, and the owner takes care of the rest. The cost using Airbnb is often the same price as a three-star hotel or less for a private residence. Like the apartment we got in the heart of Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia that cost $7 per night.

Rome AirbnbOr this one, which we got just outside the city walls of Rome for a month. If we had stayed a month in a Rome hotel it would have eaten up four months of my lodging budget. Instead, we stayed in a lovely, quiet part of town next to a beautiful park for less than $900. Many Airbnb locations like this one reduce their prices by up to 60% if you reserve more than 28 days like we did.

Try Airbnb for yourself and save some money on your next trip by signing up here!

Enjoy the journey.

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  • Is there anything that you look for to decide if the area that the airbnb is safe or not? How do you know that the area that you are staying is not all sketch?

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