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London – A City for Life

London – A City for Life Every traveler knows that each new city you visit has its own distinct feel. Venice is for romance, Paris for walking, Budapest for eating… And London is for fun. We’re coursing through the veins of the pumping London Underground. A hemorrhage of people pouring from the metro funnel us Read more about London – A City for Life[…]

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Airbnb – Finding Your Place

Airbnb – Finding Your Place I love getting to a new place for the next chapter of my travel story. There is always a sense of wonder about what the destination will look like and what the next adventure will be. Airbnb was a BIG part of our travels in Europe because it put us Read more about Airbnb – Finding Your Place[…]

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Yorkshire – What Draws You In At the edge of black holes there is an inescapable brink called the “event horizon” – where gravity warps time so severely that you would see the future of the universe unfold before you. That intense pull toward a place beyond the familiar would radically change your perspective for Read more about Yorkshire[…]

Should I Stay or Should I Go – Why We Travel

Thought experiment. How many ways can you stand out from the majority of people around you? Ways to make yourself distinctive from the crowd. More professionally capable, healthier, and happier. Go… There’s no such thing as a silver bullet, but there is an argument for travel. A recent Glassdoor study found the average U.S. employee Read more about Should I Stay or Should I Go – Why We Travel[…]